Dachshund, Begging - Long Ear Bowl in Chocolate Brown

Dachshund, Begging - Long Ear Bowl in Chocolate Brown

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Can a pet ever have too many food and water bowls? Fun and functional our pottery adds to the decoration of your home! No need to hide these bowls when company comes over!

A clever and adorable Dachshund begs for food along the exterior of this ear bowl. Chocolate brown stripes are at both the top and bottom of the bowl; black paw prints are staggered across the exterior of the bowl. Our long ear bowls special design keeps long ears clean and dry when eating or drinking, which is very helpful for keeping pesky ear cleaning or infections at bay! A fun and functional bowl for any pet with long ears!

Stoneware, lead free, microwave/dishwasher safe!

Dimensions: 3 inch wide opening X 2 inches high
Volume: Holds about 4 cups
Customers, please note:
1. Our shop is based in the United States, but we ship internationally, at cost. **If you live outside of the United States, prior to purchase, please contact us (with your shipping address) for a quote on shipping costs.**
2. Yes, we can customize all of our bowls, ornaments, treat jars and plates! We can add your pet’s name for an additional $10. All other forms of customization are free of charge. To get started on a custom order, just give us a call or send us an email.
3. Everything in our shop is a one of a kind, inspired by a love for animals. No two pieces are ever the same! These are handmade goods and variation will occur.
4. Sizes & Volumes:
- Small ear bowls hold about 1 1/2-2 cups, or 354.8-473.1mL.
- Medium ear bowls hold about 3-4 cups, or 709.7-946.3mL.
- Large ear bowls hold about 5-6 cups, or 1182.9-1419.5mL.
- Extra large ear bowls hold about 7-8 cups or 1656.1-1892.7mL.

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