Paw Print Long Ear Bowl Set, Dark Blue & Tan

Paw Print Long Ear Bowl Set, Dark Blue & Tan

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The design of our long ear bowls keeps long ears clean and dry when eating or drinking, which is very helpful for keeping pesky ear cleaning or infections at bay! A cute, fun and functional bowl set for any pet with long ears! Great for water and food!

Each bowl set features one Long Ear Bowl for water, and one Long Ear Bowl for food. Both bowls features a tan base with a rich dark blue stripe at the top and bottom of the bowl.  Then, medium sized paw prints (in black) are staggered and go all the way around the bowl. Great for your long ear family member!

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Approximate Dimensions-
Size: Small
Food Bowl: 3.75 in wide opening x 2 inches high, holds 1-1.5 C, or .24-.35L
Water Bowl: 3.75 in wide opening x 2.5 inches high, 3 to 4 C, .7 to .9 L

Size: Medium
Food Bowl: 3.75 in wide opening x 2.75 inches high, holds 3 C, or .7L
Water Bowl: 4 in wide opening x 2.5 inches high, holds 4 to 5 C, .9 to 1.2 L

Stoneware, lead free, microwave/dishwasher safe!

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    Have more questions about our Long Ear Bowls? Unsure which size is best? Check out our Long Ear Bowl Frequently Asked Questions page!

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