Pawesome Long Ear Water Bowl, Indigo

Pawesome Long Ear Water Bowl, Indigo

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Can a pet ever have too many food and water bowls? Fun and functional our pottery adds to the decoration of your home! No need to hide these bowls when company comes over!

A black paw sits inside the middle of this bowl. Trimmed in indigo stripes, and decorated with paws on the outside, it's no wonder this bowl is pawesome!

This item has been discounted (from $25 to $20) due to inconsistencies within the indigo stripes of the bowl. The flaw is aesthetic only, and does not impact normal usage. The item is sold, AS IS. Please see the photos.

The special design of our long ear bowls keeps long ears clean and dry when eating or drinking, which is very helpful for keeping pesky ear cleaning or infections at bay! A cute, fun and functional bowl for any pet with long ears!

These bowls can be used for water and food, UNLESS your dog has a short snout. If your dog has long ears, but a short snout (like a Cavalier Spaniel), for feeding purposes, please consider one of our Long Ear Food Bowls instead!

Stoneware, lead free, microwave/dishwasher safe!

Customers, please note:

  1. Our shop is based in the United States, but we ship internationally. Select from the shipping options for your country for an estimated shipping cost. If the actual shipping cost is more than $5 additional, we will contact you to see if you would like to arrange payment for the balance or cancel the order. If the actual shipping cost is over $5 less than you paid, then we will refund the difference back to you.

  2. Normally, we can customize all of our bowls, ornaments, treat jars and plates! However, this item is on sale and sold AS IS.

  3. Everything in our shop is a one of a kind, inspired by a love for animals. No two pieces are ever the same! These are handmade goods and variation will occur.

    Have more questions about our Long Ear Bowls? Unsure which size is best? Check out our Long Ear Bowl Frequently Asked Questions page!

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