What is the purpose of these bowls?

Our Long Ear Bowls keep long ears clean and dry when eating or drinking, which is very helpful for keeping pesky ear cleaning or infections at bay! These are cute, fun and functional bowls for any pet with long ears!


I am uncertain which size I should order. Can you advise me?

This is a common question we receive and we understand how daunting it might be to order one of our Long Ear Bowls for your dog! Here are our recommendations, for a single dog:

Small: (3.5" opening, 2.5" tall; holds about 3 to 4 C, .7 to .9 L) - KC Cavalier Spaniels**, Dachshunds, Miniature varieties of Poodles or Dachshunds

Medium: (4" opening x 2.75 tall; holds about 4 to 5 C, .9 to 1.2 L) - Boykin Spaniels, KC Cavalier Spaniels**, Cocker Spaniels, PBGV

Large: (4.5" opening x 3" tall, 7 to 8 C; holds about 1.7 to 1.9 L) - Afghan Hounds, Basset Hounds, Blood Hounds, Boykin Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Coon Hounds, English Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Springer Spaniels

Extra Large: (5" opening x 4" tall; holds about 9 to 10 C, 2.1 to 2.4 L) - Afghan Hounds, Basset Hounds, Blood Hounds, Coon Hounds

** King Charles Cavalier Spaniels should only use our standard Long Ear Bowls water bowls. For feeding, if desired, please use one of our Long Ear FOOD Bowls, or a standard bowl.

****If multiple pets will be using a Long Ear Bowl for water, you may wish to take into account how much the bowl holds, and increase the size of the bowl you order. Alternatively, you may prefer to create a custom order for a bowl with the opening size your prefer, but with a larger capacity!


Can I change the colors on a bowl?

Yes, you can easily change the color of your bowl! Just look at the colors we offer, and let us know the color you'd prefer. There is no additional charge for this. However, please allow 2-4 weeks for production & shipping time. (Additional time will be required for orders placed between November 1st and December 31st of each year.)


Is it possible to have more than one pet or animal on each bowl?

Yes, it is quite possible to have multiple pets on one of our pieces, for an additional fee. A few of our customers request this from time to time. If this is something you're interested in, please state this when you place your order. We will let you know if we cannot accommodate your request.


Can I personalize a bowl?

Yes, we can personalize most of our creations! Since we make all of our items by hand, you will need to allow 2 to 4 weeks for production time. (More time is required for orders placed between November 1 and December 31.)

For most customizations, there is no additional charge. Changing/adding color, paw style, or adding other design elements (bone outline shapes, snowflakes, etc.) can be done at no additional charge.

Here are the modifications for which there is an additional charge:

  • Slight modifications to an animal design can be made, for an additional fee. The fee is assessed on an individual basis, and is, in part, based on the difficulty of the request.
  • Adding a name (or dates) to an item does require an additional fee. For short names (5 characters or less), the added charge is $5. For longer names (6 characters or more) the added charge is $10.

You can get started on a custom order here.


My dog/cat has a LOT of hair around the face and drips all over the place. Will one of these bowls help stop the dripping?

We've had customers who've had great success using our Long Ear Bowls to help keep the hair around their pet's face clean/dry- especially if the pet has a beard. Some successful stories include: long haired prize winning cats (yes, cats!), long haired Shih Tzus, Maltese, Pomeranians, & Schnauzers. 

Before you place your order, feel free to send us a message about your situation. We'll be happy to advise you about which size to order, or whether or not we believe this bowl will help you!

What are the sizes &  dimensions of your Standard Long Ear Bowls?

Please keep in mind that as our items are all made by hand, there will be some variation.

Small: 3.5" opening, 2.5" tall, 7.25" base; holds about 3 to 4 C, .7 to .9 L

Medium: 4" opening x 2.75 tall, 8.25" base; holds about 4 to 5 C, .9 to 1.2 L

Large: 4.5" opening x 3" tall, 9.25" base; holds about 7 to 8 C, 1.7 to 1.9 L

Extra Large: 5"opening x 4" tall, 10.75" base; holds about 9 to 10 C, 2.1 to 2.4 L

Since all of our items are handmade, the dimensions of a custom made item may vary by +/- 0.5 inches from the stated dimensions.


Can these Long Ear Bowls be used for water? Food? Both?

Yes! Our standard Long Ear Bowls can be used for both food, or water, in most instances! For customers who feed their pets a raw or wet food diet, this may be an especially good idea.

Dogs who have long ears but a short muzzle (such as a KC Cavalier Spaniel) may have a harder time using our bowls for eating. In this instance, we'd recommend that you use a standard Long Ear Bowl for water, and a Long Ear Food Bowl for feeding. 


When should I order one of your Long Ear Food Bowls?

Our Long Ear Food Bowls are perfect when your pet has long ears, but has a short snout. The special design of our Long Ear Food Bowls is perfect for keeping long ears clean and dry when eating, while allowing your pet to reach, and eat their food.

These bowls are ideal for: Cavalier Spaniels, miniature/Toy varieties of other dogs (including mini Poodles & Dachshunds) with a short snout and long ears!


What are the dimensions of your Long Ear Food Bowls?

Small: 3.25" wide opening, 1.75" tall, 5.5" base; holds about 1-1.5 C or .2 - .3 L

Medium: 3.75" wide opening, 2.5" tall, 6" base; holds about 3 C or .8 L

Since all of our items are handmade, the dimensions of a custom made item may vary by +/- 0.5 inches from the stated dimensions.


I'd like to get a bowl made with an animal, or breed, I do not see. Can you help me?

We have a very wide selection of stamps for clients to choose from. Since we focus on pets with four paws, we're certain you'll find something perfect for you & your home! 

If, however, you cannot find the animal you are looking for, feel free to suggest an animal (or a breed) that you think we should add to our collection. We cannot accommodate all suggestions. When we consider new additions to our stamp collection, we take into account how often an animal/breed is requested. You can view our Stamp Collection here. 


I'd like to add a name to an item. What are the typefaces from which I can choose?

You can see the type faces here: 

Please note that there is an additional charge for adding names to items. For short names of 5 characters or less, the added charge is $5. For longer names of 6 characters or more, the added charge is $10.