What is the purpose of these jars?

Our treat jars are great for keeping your pets' treats or medications in one place! These jars are person tested and pet approved. When used for treats, your furry loved ones will come running whenever they hear their cookie jar opening!

These jars can also be used to hold toys, pet accessories, or even human food!


Can I personalize a treat jar?

Yes, we can personalize most of our creations! Since we make all of our items by hand, you will need to allow 2 to 4 weeks for production time. (More time is required for orders placed between November 1 and December 31.)

For most customizations, there is no additional charge. Changing/adding color, paw style, or adding other design elements (bone outline shapes, snowflakes, etc.) can be done at no additional charge.

Here are the modifications for which there is an additional charge:

  • Slight modifications to an animal design can be made, for an additional fee. The fee is assessed on an individual basis, and is, in part, based on the difficulty of the request.
  • Adding a name (or dates) to an item does require an additional fee. For short names (5 characters or less), the added charge is $5. For longer names (6 characters or more) the added charge is $10.

You can get started on a custom order here.


I'd like to get a jar made with an animal or breed I do not see for sale. Can you help me?

We have a very wide selection of stamps for clients to choose from. Since we focus on pets with four paws, we're certain you'll find something perfect for you & your home! 

If, however, you cannot find the animal you are looking for, feel free to suggest an animal (or a breed) that you think we should add to our collection. We cannot accommodate all suggestions. When we consider new additions to our stamp collection, we do take into account how often an animal/breed is requested. You can view our Stamp Collection here


Is it possible to have more than one pet or animal on each jar?

Yes, it is quite possible to have multiple pets on one of our pieces. A few of our customers request this from time to time. If this is something you're interested in, please state this when you place your order. We will let you know if we cannot accommodate your request.


My pet has passed away. Can you make a jar for me in which I can keep my pet's cremated remains?

Our hearts go out to you; we know from experience that losing a pet is a difficult and heartbreaking experience. We can easily make a jar to hold your pet's remains, once they've passed on. Many for our customers see this as a way to move forward, while still remembering their beloved little furry one. 

When you're ready, we will work with you to create a design that is perfect for you and your situation. Some pet owners also prefer to place their pet's toys, collar and leash in the jar as well. If you desire a jar for cremains, just contact us. 


I already have one of your jars; can I use it to hold my pet's cremated remains?

Yes, you can easily do this! If you prefer, the jar can be sealed shut with some epoxy from your local hardware store. Place the epoxy along the unfinished (non shiny) area where the lid meets jar. It will then be sealed permanently. 

What are the sizes & dimensions of your treat jars?

Please keep in mind that as our items are all made by hand, there will be some variation.

Small treat jars measure approximately 4 inches wide X 5 inches high and hold about 2 Cups, or .47 Liters

Medium treat jars measure approximately 5 inches wide X 6.5 inches high and hold about 3 Cups, or .7 Liters

Large treat jars measure approximately 6 inches wide X 7.5 inches high and hold about 4.5 Cups, or 1.1 Liters

Extra large (XL) treat jars measure approximately 6.5 inches wide X 7.5 inches high and hold about 7 Cups, or 1.7 Liters

Extra extra large (XXL) treat jars measure approximately 7 inches wide X 8.5 inches high and hold 8.5 Cups, or 2 Liters

Since all of our items are handmade, the dimensions of a custom made item may vary by +/- 0.5 inches from the stated dimensions.


I'd like to add a name to an item. What are the typefaces or 'fonts' from which I can choose?

You can see the type faces here.

Please note that there is an additional charge for adding names to items. For short names of 5 characters or less, the added charge is $5. For longer names of 6 characters or more, the added charge is $10.


Can I use your jars to hold household items or (human) food?

Yes, our products are safe for both human and pet use! There is no lead in any of our products!


Do these jars have a seal to keep food fresh?

At this time, our jars do not have a freshness seal. Our jars are made by hand; as a result, there is variation in the size of the jar rims. This variation makes it difficult to add seals with a consistently tight fit.


What are the colors I can choose from?

Click or tap to see larger:

***Please keep in mind that due to differences in display settings on individual monitors, or devices, the colors that appear on your screen may differ slightly from the actual item. In an effort to give you the most accurate representation of each color on a finished product, the color samples you see are from pottery we have in our shop, and were photographed in natural light.***